Aug 15, 2014
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nightninja1 asked: I'm new to the idea of radfeminisim, and I'm looking to learn more about it. What is your opinion about people who were born as women but identify as male? I have read your opinions about male to female trans people, and was curious about your idea on the opposite switch over. Second question; I have been looking around, and keep finding new sects of feminism ( radfem, lib fem, political fem?) are there more? What are the differences? Thanks!

Tbh, I think that’s a tough one. I see trans men as my natural allies because they were born female. There are plenty of different ways to view this among different radfems, so I’m gonna present some of the ideas:

  • Trans men are victims of internalized misogyny and internalized homophobia (96% of them were lesbians before they transitioned, as compared to 48% of trans women being attracted to women)
  • Transitioning is a way of escaping your oppression as a woman, and instead become a man and get access to male privilege
  • Trans men are female and should therefore be included in all analysis that regards women, ie they never experience male privilege in the same way as men born male does and shouldn’t be blamed for the patriarchy as they are biological females and weren’t brought up with the same privileges as men born male was

If you’re interested in learning more, I suggest reading Gender Hurts by Sheila Jeffreys.

To your second question: there’s various different subgenres of feminism, including marxist feminism, socialist feminism, anarchafeminism, ecofeminism, liberal feminism, radical feminism, etc. and if I were to explain in one ask the difference between all these I would have to write a book, so I suggest you google each individually instead. I’m sure they’ve all got wiki pages. There’s also womanism which I don’t feel entitled to talk about too much because I’m white, but you should definitely google it and learn more.

- Pi

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    I’d also like to know where in the world those statistics come from…? Like it literally seems like she throws numbers...
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    Still not a political lesbian, STOP SPREADING LIES
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    Does this fucking moron have no idea how perception works? How does someone who’s perceived to be a man by society not...
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    Askaradfem/ravefromthegrave is not only a political lesbian, she’s also a TERF. What a splendid human being she is!
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    How fucking transphobic do you have to say this shit
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