Oct 29, 2013
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makiruz asked: I want to talk about David Reimer. His penis was destroyed as an infant and as a solution he was sexually reassigned as a girl. From 22 months until 14 years old he was raised as a girl and even given estrogen to mimic puberty; yet he never identified as a woman and retransitioned to male as soon as he could. Here's a person who was socialized as a woman, but never could be one; no matter how hard everybody tried. This, to me, is prove that gender identity can't be forced, and it's innate

This, to me, is proof that males cannot be females, no matter how hard they try to be.  He lost his penis in an accident stemming from a surgical procedure that wasn’t necessary in the first place and his parents freaked out that he would be bullied as a result of being a male without a penis.  All this story proves is that a person cannot change their sex, because if they try to change their sex, it WILL result in self-loathing, depression, and suicidality.  It doesn’t prove that gender is “innate” LOL!

There are always, ALWAYS other factors at the root of somebody’s body dysphoria.  There are always other factors at the root of somebody “electing” to transition their physical appearance.  These factors are 100% rooted in patriarchy.


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    Innate, MY ASS.
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