Sep 14, 2013
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Anonymous asked: Why is having PIV sex wrong?

PIV sex is physically harmful to women because of a lot of reasons - for example, unwanted pregnancies, STIs (other forms of sex spreads STIs as well, but STI:s are more easily contracted with PIV), etc. 500000 women die because of complications from pregnancy every year! Then there’s the contraceptions you need to take to be able to have PIV without getting pregnant - birth control pills that can cause blood cloths, have horrible side effects (everything from nausea to pain to death). And why? We’ll get to that.

Then we’ve got the PIV norm, which is psychologically harmful to women. At least 87% of women can’t orgasm from PIV and a lot of women don’t even enjoy it. The majority of women enjoy other forms of sex more than PIV - so why does “sex” automatically equate “PIV”? Because men want it. That’s also why some people don’t think it’s cheating if a woman sleeps with another woman; it’s not “real sex” so how can it be cheating? But lesbians experiences orgasm on a much higher rate than heterosexual women in their relationships, so what gives?

When a man has PIV sex with a woman, he is risking her life one way or the other (either through not using contraceptives, or using them). If he uses a condom, there are still other ways they could have sex that don’t include PIV, but he chooses not to have sex that way. Does that seem like a man who loves women to you? I thought not.

- Pi

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    Liberalism is a mental disorder.
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    See kids, this is why you stay in school. My brain actually hurts from reading this crap.
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    You are the best. I mean, I’m a dude so obviously my schedule is full of oppression and sexual attacks on women (I kid,...
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    I’m pro dick thx
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    holy crap, is this a thing? this freaking site
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    Apparently all women only have PIV sex to please men, which implies that all PIV sex is literally rape and that no woman...
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    So basically, you’re saying that the only possible reason a woman might have PIV sex is to please men, rather than...
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